British Model Alliance – My daughter Jadi had a test shoot- read my review

Glass Studios:

My Daughter Jadi had an appointment with Glass Studios on Saturday 8th January. Myself and my wife went along with her. When we arrived we were instantly made to feel very welcome and felt very comfortable right away.

We had already been prepared for what the day would entail. I knew what was expected of Jadi and what she would have to do. There was also no surprises with how long we would be there for.

Glass Studios- The whole day was a very pleasant and great experience for us all the staff that done her hair,make up ,change of outfits,the photographer were fantastic they were very polite and and
very professional and made Jadi feel so special. She was made to feel so glamorous with all the hair styles and make up looks they done.

When the shoot was over we was taken to speak with a model consultant, Anna, who show us the beautiful photos from our daughters shoot and explained what would happen from then onwards.

We were very apprehensive going in due to an unpleasant experience the week before with a different company but the model advice given made us get rid of those fears with the way we were treated, the professional experience we had and how well looked after not only Jadi was but us as well. Not at any point did we feel uncomfortable, and we always knew what was going on. We would recommend Glass Studios to anyone.

Thank you so very much:

We had such a great day Matt, Sarah, Jake and Verirəm and anyone else at Glass Studios.

They were long days but having her hair styled in different ways and make up applied to match the style kept the excitement up. My daughter have been signed by 4 agencies and had her first booking in June for a 2 day shoot for a 2017 international campaign! How incredible!

Adam has also had a talk with me about having a shoot of my own done and I thought why not give it a go! I go on Monday for my shoot. I am so nervous but I also can’t wait!

We found that the Glass Studios team were always approachable and supportive. We could see their portfolio’s are stunning! Total credit to the photographer! An agency that I spoke with about Jadi actually called me last week to ask who had done their portfolios as they were some of the best photographs they had ever seen!

Thank you Glass Studios. I will be recommending you to all friends and family!

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