to let you all know at route 66 what an amazing job

Jonah here i would like to leave this message not only to let you all know at route 66 what an amazing job you all did when i came to visit but to tell all these people below (with nothing nice to say) how it is! all these negative comments on here arent true and you know they’re not really dont you? lets be honest with everyone here. im leaving this honest review here and letting people decide for themselves if they want to take the step towards route 66.

so when i heard about route 66 i really wanted to try out modelling its been my life long goal to get into a modelling carrer. A couple of months ago i did my research online and chose my favourite and got in contact with route 66. Route 66 is a modelling platform that helps you to build a portfolio that will eventually (if you work hard enough) get you a job in the modelling industry. and guess what? 3 months after my day with the team at route 66 i am currently strutting my stuff and working in the modelling sector .. catwalks mostly, for magazines so if you see my face be sure to leave a ace comment below! anyway as i said id leave my honest review about route 66 so im going to tell you all about the day i experienced from start to finish! so i travelled from a placed called Peterborough on the tuesdayand stayed in a hotel, not a very nice one but seen as im not reviewing the hotel ill stop whinging about it lol the wednesday morning i packed a selection of clothes that i thought wouldve gone nicely together. Boy was i wrong! after the stylists got their hands on my clothes they made different looks and made my cheap clothes look 1. cool 2. expensive and 3. wearable which to make anything look good on me you obviously have to have a real talent for it! once i was all pampered and looked awesome it was out onto the streets of london for the most amazing photo shoot of my life! i will never forget the shoot it was so unique and i felt so stylish! looking around at people who was looking at ME of all people.. all i can say is i felt so special that day. After we got back we did some inside shoots and the photographer and editor went off said theyd be an hour or so. so i went for lunch as they went through the pictures and made them perfect i came back and taken into an office where on the screen was my pictures and i can honestly tell you i think my jaw hit the floor they was so good i couldnt believe it was actually me! of course i asked for a portfolio and here i am a few months later writing to tell you how great it was and how much my life has changed since i met the route 66 lot! and for you all at route 66 i really appriciate everything you have done and the way you have started my life for me. i will never forget you

thanks again