The British Model Alliance, are they a scam? – I DON’T THINK SO

I recently took my 3-year-old daughter, Mia, for her first modelling session; the shoot was for The British Model Alliance but the team at Glass Studio were incredibly kind and patient with her. They had a great understanding that she was young and made sure they were working to create a comfortable environment. They solved all the small issues that came up.

At no point did the photographer or team force her to do anything she was uncomfortable with doing.  They were extremely understanding of her need for breaks. She is normally good however halfway through she was getting crabby and I asked if a small food break was okay, this was no problem and after she was her normal happy self again! food fixes everything!

Firstly a vibrant young man who evidently had excellent skills in his field did by daughter’s makeup. He and my daughter clicked immediately. It seemed he knew what would be glamorous while also keeping age appropriate. I had brought so many clothes and had spent a long time stressing over what she could wear. It turns out there was no need …her clothes were styled and I liked the variety they went for.

When we started the shoot, the photographer noticed that she was feeling nervous and curious about what he was doing so he decided to stop, he then allowed her to use his camera (which was safely placed on a tripod) so she could have a better understanding of what he was doing. He actively taught her what to do in front of the camera, taught her how to act naturally and how to improve posture and positioning. Again this boosted her confidence, enabling her to bring out her natural talent of modelling.

I was able to stand to the side. She didn’t need me as much as I thought she would.

She often called for me but seemed completely happy in what she was doing and so I was able to give her some more space.

Would you recommend?

Personally, I would highly recommend this brilliant studio; it was extremely professional with high quality outcomes. The pictures I received were incredible, the lighting was perfect, the pixel quality of the picture was amazing and I then was able to receive the fully developed images after a short amount of time. From start to finish with BMA and Glass Studios I was very happy.


The British Model Alliance