The British Model Alliance a good start point?

The British Model Alliance – a good start point?

I was recommend by a close friend to use The British Model Alliance and Glass studios to make a solid and industry standard start on my 5 year old daughters Modelling portfolio. I was always apprehensive about whom to go for when making a portfolio. It is such a HUGE and important part of her modelling taking off.

In the past I had tried several times to get her in without a portfolio. However I quickly learned this is not possible.

At first I was not quite sure how this would work out but I was so pleased with the outcome! She loves the camera! I knew she would be shy with new people so the fact they made her feel very special and comfortable was great. Don’t forget, this was her first professional shoot. She was very nervous at first but by the time the stylist had done her hair, makeup and dressed her she felt like a princess. This gave her the extra confidence needed.

The British Model Alliance gave me some great tips on poses and her posture that I practiced at home with her before we arrived. We found the studio had a very high standard. They took the time with of her outfits/shots to make sure they got the best they could.

How were the images?

I couldn’t believe how confident my little girl looked! The picture quality was fantastic.

Even after the shoot, I never felt pressured into purchasing anything. The advice given was great. Having their professional opinion was very useful as portfolios can really range in price/ease and standard. You would never of known how they work without all the advice.

Looking back I was very surprised at how smoothly everything ran and there was no stress or rushing Eviee, it made me feel like they had all the time in the world for us.

Thank you glass studio for the amazing pictures! Who knows what the future holds!


The British Model Alliance