Hello all at The Model Alliance It’s me Rachel

Hello all at The Model Alliance It’s me again (the very excited but nervous models from Thursday) I’m just writing just to say how I felt about the amazing experience I had at The Model Alliance with the team and


I want to say such a huge thankyou to the Gang at The Model Alliance  you all did such an amazing job with making me feel confident in my body so her I am as I thought I would leave a review and a say a great big thank you from the bottom of my heart I had such a fabulous day on Thursday I really can’t thank you enough from the make up artist ailisha right down to the photographer especially the girls who helped me decide on my outfits they made me feel comfortable in my clothes which rarely ever happens

I’m glad I came and made a day of it with you all you all made me feel right at home and comfortable most of all I love the amazing job you did taking my picture my pictures are amazing I’ve shown them to all my family who love them as much as I do everbody is so lovely at The Model Alliance and I’m sure that ile be getting loads of offers of work as they are so professional and look too good in fact I’ve already had somebody call just today with some promotional work so finger crossed your studio is amazing and so easy to get on with all of the The Model Alliance family this was my first ever time doing a photo shoot and making the most perfect portfolio and I loved every moment of it so a great big thank you to each and every one at The Model Alliance for my wonderful day I hope to come again soon with family and show them all what an amazing experience I had with you guys and I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends it’s 5 stars from me X from Rachel moores

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