The Blue Rooms on Great Portland Street – Review

Yesterday I visited the highly recommended studio The Blue Rooms on Great Portland Street in London. As I’ve been a photographer for over ten years, I was intrigued by the thought of being in front of the camera and not constantly hidden behind it. Everyday I’d taken photos; being in studios, outdoor, of children, or wedding of beautiful models and always wondered how it felt on the other side of the lens.

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Being a photographer didn’t bored me, it made me want to be more open in the opportunities I would take, therefore I decided to be permanently on the other side of the camera. The Blue Rooms on Great Portland Street – Review wasn’t my first choice but I really wish it was!

The studios I’d visited before had very disappointing results and made me disheartened at my new career choice. As a last recommendation from an old friend I decided to visit The Blue Rooms on Great Portland Street – Review. I didn’t have high expectations as I felt my newfound dream was getting harder to achieve.

However my first impression of this studio was very strong. The studio looked very professional, showing off its artistic flare with its amazing lightning equipment, high quality backgrounds and impressionable computing skills which made me more relaxed as I knew I was in the hands of professionals.

The hours I had booked flew by quickly and before I knew it, the shoot was over. I didn’t feel rushed and out of place while discussing my portfolio and future options after the shoot had finished. I didn’t get the impression that the photographer was trying too little or overly hard, that he had the natural skills needed.

As I have first hand experience of what happens at this studio and what should happen in a professional environment; I would recommend Mac Fashion Studio to any potential clients looking to start a career in modelling or to sort out a portfolio and I am certain I will be using the services many times more in the near future.
This is truly been an experience that has opened many gates for me in modelling and has changed my future. An experience I will most likely never forget.