Thanks British Model Alliance- You are so awesome!

The British Model Alliance are really great. When Looking for a credible modelling agency within the industry is a scary and daunting task.

Me and my wife Scarlett spent weeks and weeks searching for that one company. Someone who we could trust and rely on for our daughters 1st steps into this profession. What we came across was frightening. We applied to multiple agencies and every single one of them came back immediately. They were stating she was going to be the ‘next top model in the COUNTRY!!’

Hearing this made us feel like we was on top of the world. We thought Paige was going to make it all the way to the top instantly! But reality soon hit as we realised that not even one company wanted to even know anything about our daughter. Her strengths, her weaknesses because all they wanted was MONEY!

These ‘companies’ all try to reel you in with cunning compliments and false concerns but then hit you with money for deposits, money for portfolios, money to get you licences, money for agency fees, money for ‘membership’ fees and the list just keeps on going on!

Then we found British Model Alliance, who made us feel safe and secure and started guiding us on our journey to success.

We got in contact and was promptly called back by a lovely woman called Kirsty who wanted to set up a meeting to talk things over and to discuss if this was the right option for our family.

We then met up with a woman called Emily a week later who again was so freindly. What we noticed straight away was their concerns for Paiges well being within this industry, such as her age, how will she cope, what she would excel in, what she might find a bit difficult and how to over come them.


How did we make a decision?

We felt so relaxed and comfortable and most of all IT FELT RIGHT. We were given some great advise and guidance from British Model Alliance and then arranged for Paige to have her 1st photo shoot just to see how she worked with a camera and a normal typical modelling surroundings for a day. Paige had the most amazing day and absolutely loved every minute of it! And we cant believe from this she has won the title of model of the week! To top it all off, a major company wants to meet us. They are very interested in our daughters photos!

All we want to say is your childs well being is of the utmost importance. We strongly recommend British Model Alliance to ALL parents wanting to get into this industry as it costs nothing to collect professional advise and guidance, and they put us at ease straight away and on the right road to our daughters future.

Thank you so much to Emily and Kirsty and all of the staff for all their help. We will definitely keep in touch!

Thanks again British Model Alliance.