How to Spot Trustworthy Model Scouts

  • Model scouts, bookers, agents are some of the people new models will
    deal with before getting a job. However it’s important for new models to ensure they are
    dealing with a reputable people that are actually who they say that are.!
    The British Model Alliance

    What does a Model Scout Do?

    Model scouts seeknew faces and present them to either the model agency that employs
    them or to a variety of dierent modelling agencies.If the scouts doesn’t work for one
    agency or platform, they have the knowledge to guide the new model to the best choice
    of agency for their particular skills. !
    Models can be discovered anywhere from shopping malls, festivals, and even
    McDonalds.Scouts are usually at busy places that attract young people. The scouts
    typically don’t make themselves known while evaluating a large crowd and only speak to
    someone once they have assessed the new models potential.!

    Social Media and Scouts

    Due to the popularity of the internet and especially Instagram, more scouts are turning to
    social media to fine new models. Instagram being purely visual is a favourite of models
    scouts as they find new models easily and from the oce. This is a massive advantage to
    aspiring models as it gives them the potential to be viewed worldwide. Ensure your page
    is reflective of your professional brand but also your normal life which can help show your
    personality however try reduce the amount of drunk selfies! !
    When scouts message you they will always introduce themselves using their full name,
    their company name and an email or phone number to call so you know they are legit.
    Always make sure you Google the agency to ensure they are who they say they are too.!

    How to Know If the Opportunity is Legit?

    When a scout approaches you they will always carry a business card so that you have
    their information and can check the company out. Never agree to go with them there and
    then. Go home and research what types of modelling the company does, their success
    stories and then contact the scout. If you are under 18, always make sure a parent rings
    for you or if setting up a meeting, goes with you.!

    What Do Modelling Scouts Look For?

    Model scouts will typically search for people aged between 12 – 35 with healthy skin and
    a fit physique. There are also model scouts specifically for children, plus size and mature
    models but they are less frequent. Scouts look for someone who stand out in a crowd
    physically but also someone who is charismatic and people are drawn too. This is
    important because it’s not just looks that comes across in photos but personality too.!

    How to Get Discovered by a Modelling Agency or Platform.

    After being chosen by a scout, you will be invited for an interview or test shoot by the
    agency or platform. If you want to sign to an agency or platform, like The British Model
    Alliance, they will usually request that you have portfolio or do a “test,” which is one of the
    terms used in the modelling business to describe a photo shoot that is not a paid job, but
    rather a photo shoot done solely to help you build your book and start developing your
    particular look or image. They will explain how the industry works and where they would
    place you. There are many dierent types of modelling including High Street Fashion,
    commercial, catalogue etc, the agency or platform will explain them all to you.!
    If you haven’t been chosen by a scout, submitting applications to dierent agencies or
    platforms of your choice is a great way of getting noticed. Platforms also host open calls
    sometimes to meet potential models. Keep an eye out. !
    Another way is via instagram and your social medias. Keep your Instagram professional
    and use appropriate hashtags to entice scouts to find your page and hopefully contact
    This is exciting but a busy time for new models as they get their career started. A
    reputable platform, like The British Model Alliance, will provide advice and guidance so
    that you can begin your career with a boost to become a successful model.