six models

Six Models knows that modelling scams hurt, leave you wondering if this industry is a good one to step into but even though scams are horrible this happens in all industries, so just be prepared and we can help you avoid such things.

Research the industry, get familiar with what line of work you want to do. Research each company in depth, look at their website, their social media, read reviews and look at blogs. Read other models reviews – these are key and very helpful. Know about industry laws such as agencies are not allowed to charge any upfront fees, they get their fee from getting you work. Every job they get you they take an agreed commission. So if you have a modelling agency asking you for upfront fee, take this as your red light and walk away. Model scams – read up on what scams there are, others experiences. It’s not nice delving into this side but it’s always better to know in case you do come across it. It’s being prepared and that could save you from a model scam in future. Get advice form industry professionals like us here at Mac Fashion Photography, other models and modelling platforms. Ask questions – do not ever be afraid to ask question, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you are unsure then walk away, do not have doubts, you need confidence and need to feel confident. Six Models are here to help any time you need us.