i contacted route 66 Models agency advice service a couple of months ago it

hello to whoever may be reading this blog about route 66 Models agency advice service

i am roger and i would like to take this time to tell you a few things about route 66 Models agency advice service

i contacted route 66 Models agency advice service a couple of months ago it was about 3 weeks until my wife (june) and i was going to be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. i wanted to make this one special. no half hearted card and flowers from the petrol station but something to show her how much i really care. i met june when i was 16 she is the love of my life, a very special lady if i do say so myself. So onto why i am here..


a few weeks before myself and junes 25th anniversary and i scrolled the internet day in day out to find her the perfect gift.. i remeber when june was 18/19 she did a small photo shoot she loved it back then so i thought why not do the same now? we still have her pictures from the old photo shoot but they were abit worn and torn. so routee 66 helped me plan an amazing day with my wife. we are located around 10 minutes from rroute 66 Models agency advice service modelling studio so i took her out for a meal in town and made my way to what she thought was a ‘leisurely stroll’ where we turned up at route 66. the team at route 66 went along with the suprise and really helped me out. we both got pampered and made to look 18 again *wink*as always women take longer getting ready so i sat down waiting for june to finish.

just looking at the biggest smile from her made my day that was all i wanted but really it was better than that we looked super cool and went round with a photographer getting some real amazing photos.. of course i had to take my favourites home just to make my dear wife smile a little bit more that day

thankyou for reading my story/ experience and thankyou to the team at route 66 for making our day unforgettable for all the right reasons we loved it ever so much and we hope you enjoyed our company

thankyou dearly

roger and june x

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