I would thoroughly recommend Glass Studios

I would thoroughly recommend Glass Studios

I have been looking to get into modelling for as long as I can remember. If you have been trying to do the same I would like to thoroughly recommend Glass Studios. I sent an email to them asking for some advice about getting my son and 3 daughters into modelling. We had a reply within the hour from a lovely lady called Anna. I found they were extremely helpful and informative.  On this basis I booked in my children for their very own modelling experience.

This really helped my husband and myself to see if it was going to be the right decision for our family. It meant that we could all see what the industry would be like. I needed to see if the children enjoyed it.  They did! It was more than we ever expected!

Having the stylist pick and choose what they was going to wear for their various photographs was all very exciting. She made the whole experience seems like they were real models. They also got to have their hair and make up done by the amazing team at Glass Studio! Who can I say, are absolutely incredible at their jobs!.

After having the day of excitement, we had a consultation to go through what they thought about what areas of modelling that our kids could be put forward for. We had everything explained in great detail. We were also shown all the amazing photographs that were taken throughout the day.


What happens after the consultation:

After the consultation we were booked in for a workshop where we would get to hear from another parent who has got two children in the modelling world. This was so helpful as it gave us an opportunity to hear first hand what it is like and allowed us to raise any questions we had. As parents, getting your children involved in such a different way of life can be quite scary as you worry about how the industry will treat them but after speaking with these amazing people, they made us feel completely at ease.

Since being to Glass Studios and receiving we received the portfolio along with a personalized list of modelling agencies suitable for the kids. My son was signed the very next day and our daughters not long after! I am still keeping in close contact with Glass Studio as their advice so far has been spot on. It has enabled us to navigate through the modelling world with ease.

I didn’t have any complaints about the service I received from  Glass Studio. In fact everyone went above and beyond for all of us and were all so kind and friendly, especially around my the children! I would recommend Glass Studio to everyone I know!

Thank you to everyone at Glass Studios and a big thank you especially, to Anna. You guys are awesome!