New York Fashion Studios in London my review of my modelling shoot

ITS BEEN A YEAR SINCE I HAD MY SHOOT WITH New York Fashion Studios in London and its been a great year  they have helped me grow so much. New York Fashion Studios in London has done nothing but help me and support me with all aspects within my career as a model, helping with my portfolio with amazing pictures. Nothing has seemed as too much from the company, always being there when I needed help and advice. The pictures produced from New York Fashion Studios in London have always been top quality and highly professional.




What I love the most is that the shoot incorporates the surrounding area of London, I had some great photos taken by the river Thames and near the tower bridge; the photographer was amazing at catching all the best angles. With the shots produced I was able to get great auditions and auditions due to the photos taken.

New York Fashion Studios in London Costumes and accessories provided were all outstanding, much like the space provided which felt extremely comfortable and atmospheric. The staff were amazing at catering for my needs and never made me feel as if I was in the way, finding time to fit me I despite their busy schedule.

Every time I had a shoot, they continue to make me feel unique and as if it was my first time using the facility. Other studios don’t have the laid back sort of professional vibe that New York Fashion Studios in London has and If popular for. I recommended a few of my friends who were also extremely satisfied by the services given, again getting great Opportunities from the photos given. The money that we earn from the shoots has dramatically increased since being introduced to the New York Fashion Studios in London.

I hope this review helps other people as I understand how hard it is to find the perfect studio who are able to do exactly as the customer wishes.