I started of with gt models having a good day and a good laugh with the staff I had my make up and hair done and I thought I look ace the girls where nice and we had fun.
Then it started to rain and I got so wet as I didnt take out an umbrella out with me which made me fuming and my make up was left rolling down my face. The last thing I wanted on my test shoot.
So I demanded another one at this point I was livid I was wet cold and in a horrendous mood. Just to be told idea have to come back at some other time as the rest of there slots was full for that day.
To make my day worse I got declined. I went to GT models to create myself a career and a future for them to tell me no. How dare they. They dont know who’ve they’ve just said no to because now there gonna have a fight on there hands.
So thanks a bunch for nothing GT