Hello to my newly found friends at GT Models London

Hello to my newly found friends at GT Models London I am well hope you are all well I write to say thank you for my portfolio work which was done 2 weeks ago on Tuesday (if you remember me)
so yes hi I am gerchin bruger I found GT Models London online after looking at so many different companies and reading their reviews.. so some reviews on your page are not so great and this made me very nervous but after speaking to Lilly over the phone and have her reassure me I chose to go to you.. I was still nervous until the day I turned up and your wonderful staff at GT Models gave me the most memorable experience of all I can’t believe how good it was I have to admit I was a little sceptical and nervous but from my arriving to my leaving it was so wonderful.
I have not had so much fun in long time can’t believe I spend long time worrying about how I would look I have learned lots of tips on wearing my clothes hair and make up my most fun part was walking like a model my shoes were so tall I kept laughing at falling in them next time I get smaller heels yes although I am still having problems with the eye pencil I am now practising new way when ever I get spare time so thank you for teaching me these things I believe I got really good value for money for all that was done on the day and would highly recommend GT Models to all really taken good care of and to wonderfull Hannah I love you mostly for taking good care to me such a lovely person I am going to bring my mother this year to say hello so big thank you to everybody at GT Models London enjoy the chocolates X from gerchin bruger

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