Glass Studios- NOT A SCAM – Trust me I have done it!


Hi again, this is Lucy. I was just going to leave a quick review but having read some of the comments below and I thought I would have a little say of my experience. Glass Studios is not like anything I have been reading about it!

So instead I have come here to tell you about the experience myself. After hearing about Glass Studio from a neighbour we decided to make contact. We started by sending through some pictures of my children to them.

Within a few days we had a call back from Henry. He told us what exactly we would need to do and how we can do it. I never actually read the reviews for this place and I didn’t even think about if my neighbours words were good enough for us. For a week or so I kept quite and didn’t tell the kids anything.

The day before we went I finally told them and it was amazing! The feeling you get when your kids face lights up like that is unreal. They were so excited! I have a boy Simon whos 10. I also have a girl Selina who is 8. They absolutely loved being faffed over all morning by the stylists and artists (who I must say are AMAZING).

Right from the start everybody was so helpful and friendly. Whilst I was getting my make up and hair sorted the lovely girl was  entertaining the kids. She was telling them about the famous people who have been to Glass Studios and about all the things they have done.

Were made to feel like pop stars,it might have been tiny ones but pop stars all the same! I thought that they were going to apply so much make up and it would look terrible but it was done beautifully, my skins was flawless, my eyeshadow and eyebrow were done perfectly and I felt so confident! The photographer was amazing and had us feeling like professionals in no time andI can honestly say, it was absolutely worth it and would do it again and again and again. Me and my children have some great pictures and felt like royalty for the day we then went to see Aladdin which just topped it off! It was an amazing day of being pampered and surrounded by happy, energetic people who made us feel INCREDIBLE!

So shame on the person making bad comments! I know some people can have a bad experience but this is a fabulous day out with fabulous people and even the photos for our portfolios were amazing value for money and totally affordable! And the photos themselves are stunning, the photographer helped us with poses and actions and even took us to a few locations so we could have some ‘action shots’ which turned out great!

So thank you Glass Studio for such an unforgettable day! We will be back when the kids are a little older for some more photos!

Thank you so much! Lucy and the kids.