The British Model Alliance is a SCAM – Read my review

It was a good start however  I soon realised it was all a scam.

The British Model Alliance

I started off having a pretty good day at the studio. It all seemed like a good laugh with the staff. I had my make up and hair done and I thought I looked really good in all the different looks they did.


Then it started to rain outside and I got soaking wet. The photographer did suggest me using an umbrella (seemed to think it would look nice) but why would I want an umbrella in the pictures??


So I demanded a reshoot. I wanted all my pictures outside redone, I was livid plus wet cold and in a horrendous mood. The lady on reception said I would have to come back at some other time. She said we had run out of time?? I don’t see why someone else couldn’t of rebooked.


In the end assessment I was told I needed to change my attitude. She went on and on! I apparently need to accept of things I can’t control. She said until I could do that it was a NO!


How dare they. They don’t know who’ve they’ve just said no to because now there going to have a fight on there hands. BMA are a SCAM and I hate them!