The British Model Alliance Gives You A Great Start

Family Shoot:

So I was invited by The British Model Alliance to have a fashion shoot with my son (Aged 3), my daughter (Age 12) and my husband in London. Excited but nervous we all went to see if modelling could be a new path for us all. We had the most lovely welcome from Anna. She made us feel so welcome and so at home right from the very start. The whole experience went really well and everybody had so much fun! The kids were laughing and dancing to the music and even my husband was smiling the whole way through.

We were then invited to see the portfolios the photographer had created and I couldn’t believe my eyes! They came out so lovely.

It was incredible to see how my family had been transformed into models! They are truly outstanding!! I must say the photographer is top class! It was like I was looking in a catalogue! Christian (who is absolutely fabulous) went through everything with me. Provided all of the  information we needed and the next steps for my kids and husband.

We were provided with so much advice and help on how to apply for varies agencies and in a matter of few days my son got signed by 4 agencies and my daughter got signed by 6! We have still had so many more are that have been interested in them, but my husband has not had so much luck as of yet. But it is all thanks to The British Model Alliance!

Model of the week:

Also just recently my son was just chosen a model of the week by The British Model Alliance. Thank you guys for choosing him! He is over the moon and the smile on his face was really priceless! He felt so proud of himself, just the boost he needed!

I truly believe that The British Model Alliance has such an amazing platform to help everyone become a model even though sometime it is very tricky to get in to, especially for children. So if you do go, you will definitely not regret it and will be so delighted with the outcome.

The British Model Alliance gives you a great start, they explain everything ,they give you continuous advice and guide you with everything and anything you need.

It is quite loud in the studio but the stylists and artists makes you for get about it and makes you feel like you the only thing that matters.

I would also love to say a massive thank you to Anna, Christian and Emily for all your kindness and help we got from you guys. We are looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Sam Newsham


The British Model Alliance