British Model Alliance

The British Model Alliance knows that any type of scam hurts, they leave you wondering where you went wrong and if the industry is a good one to be involved in. Unfortunately this happens in all industries.  Try and know everything that you can!

Research the industry!

You can make sure your familiar with what line of work you want to do (With modelling it could be what area you want to specialise such as Catalogue of High Street Fashion.) Research each company in depth, look at their website multiple times. Check their social media, read reviews and look at blogs. Read other models reviews. These are key and very helpful. Make sure you know about industry laws. Look out for agencies who are not allowed to charge any upfront fees for agencies or membership fees. They should get paid from the work they are able to get you.

They work on you making them money. This could be anything from 15% to 22%. If you have a modelling agency asking you for upfront fee, take this as your red light and walk away.

Model scams:

Read up on what scams there are. You can always read what others have said, reviews or social media sites. It’s not nice delving into this sides. It can diverge you from your end goal but it’s always better to know in case you do come across it.

Get advice from industry professionals like us here at The British Model Alliance, other models and other modelling platforms. Ask questions and ask a lot – do not ever be afraid to ask question, it’s better to be safe than sorry and if they refuse to answer simple questions for you, make sure you are aware of how to deal with it. And then, if you are unsure then WALK AWAY! Do not have doubts, do not second guess or question. You need confidence and you need to have confidence in the company you are becoming involved with.

The British Model Alliance will always be here to help any time you need us.


The British Model Alliance