The British Model Alliance Review – a mum who only ever dreamed!

The British Model Alliance Review – a mum who only ever dreamed!

Being a mum of six kids is not an easy task; it really does make you think how can someone like me ever model?

I did however do some research and everything I read seemed to tell me the whole industry is changing. When I first went to the test shoot with BMA on the 13th of September, it was truly a fantastic day. I was very much looking forward to a break. A chance to really show who I am (aside from being a mum). This went better then I could ever of hoped for.


The British Model AllianceBefore I arrived on the day, I had lots of correspondence from Dave at the British Model Alliance. I naturally had lots of questions. I needed lots of advice on how to best prepare for the day of the shoot. This was always very helpful and I noticed it was always a fast response time to make sure I had everything I needed.

I think everyone’s experience will always be different and mine was so good because I really threw myself into it with a very open mind. I didn’t know what to expect however I do feel like my expectations were matched and exceeded at so many different points. The professionalism and the general attitude from all the staff were amazing – it made all the difference!

I don’t know what I am doing but I do know that I love modelling. I have to try and succeed. Life is so short and I want to show my kinds anything is possible.

Thank you BMA – lets see what we can do!