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After reading some completely bogus reviews about route 66 models i want to have my say.


I would like to add my own legitimate experiences with route 66 models. I signed my little boy up last year and he’s just finished filming a commercial for a British TV company.


When I signed him up I was told I could use my own pictures for a portfolio or I could use their own photographer if I like and IF I WANTED I could buy the disc with all the pictures on (nearly 150 professional photographs) To me that is very very reasonable for a professional agency! Anyway, I had no photos I could use so opted for the agency to take the pictures.

Route 66 Models

Route 66 Models

They were extremely welcoming and couldn’t do more to help! When my boy had his first gig he could not be happier they couldn’t help me enough! I bombarded her with questions as I had no idea what I was doing and not once was this a problem!I see a few of bitter reviews on here because they haven’t got any work, that is no fault of the agency and does not for one minute mean it’s a scam!

It was quite annoying to read when I know 100% that’s not true! If the companies that are looking for clients don’t pick you then that’s that!

How is that the agency’s fault?

If you look at their Facebook page you can see how many people DO get work!

I would like to thank Anna and toni at route 66 models Agency for the opportunity that my little boy has had. Keep up the fantastic work and don’t listen to the ignorant reviews!

I no how well you have done and will tell ever one the truth and I hope to see you again very soon on yh please it is a noisy place but the staff were help you with that it is a busy place but that staff will make you so comfortable


thanks again to all the staff at route 66 models you done a great job