A big thanks to ever one at Route 66 models here is my route 66 models review

after reading most of the reviews (curious about the negative ones) it supports the thought that people are often quick to complain dramatically when things don’t go as they plan.

Route 66 models

But route 66 models are brilliant
I’ve been in the industry 10+ years. Currently w/Route 66 models for 2. Before my 1st contract, I spent years submitting and attending open calls.

Ladies and Gents, YOU’RE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR WORST PICTURE. Advice given to me over the years. If you’re not being asked in after getting your portfolio back, it’s likely that you’re not right for them (right now). There’s only X amount of hours for them to see 20-40+ prospects. So….

A) have a better outlook or you will never make it in the industry anyway (for every job we get comes a dozen or more rejections) and B) don’t quit if you really want it
Submit and resubmit. The industry changes like the wind. But with all the staff of route 66 models behind you you will go far it takes time but keep at other
I AM INCREDIBLY HAPPY AT route 66 models
They’re supportive. They communicate. They have all taken the time to answer my questions. Even owner has hugged me hello on several occasions 🙂 I work with 3 divisions there
You are your own manager.

Next time, before you leave, ask, “What can I do to improve (photos, look etc).” The worst that will happen is you get a vague answer. Or maybe you’ll get free advice so you can come back better prepared.
A big thanks to ever one at route 66 models

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