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I had a really good time at UK models. I was expecting UK models to be the same as any other studio that I have been to but he just wasn’t it was good in every single way. The staff were in good humour. And I can’t fight them for the hard work that they have done.
I had a brilliant time I’ve had my makeup done and usually I don’t want anybody touch my face. But I didn’t mind so much when she was very gentle when she was doing make-up to be fair so this movie feel good because I looked amazing at the end of a makeup.
I moved on to have my hair done and it was styled in a way that I’ve never seen anybody before have that Style I look so different I like I didn’t even notice myself. Which was a super good feeling.
UK models have inspired me to do a little bit of my hair and make-up everyday to make myself look a bit better than I do.
They really are the best company that I have been with and I will continue to be with considering I was successful and now that I have been introduced to the modelling industry i shall see you again soon.
Thanks a bunch UK models X

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  1. Anonymous

    I had an absolute whale a time with UK models it was really cool like even when I just turned up I felt like a celebrity walking into the building and they were really nice people the kind of people that I associate with as well like and I can’t really go and my photos taken I honestly can’t have asked for a better day I treated like royalty it was brilliant.

    And the makeup artists was awesome. I never felt so beautiful in my life. I could have an actual conversation without been judged. And I look like a new me I felt so comfortable and relaxed.

    I want to thank uk models from making me have a awesome day I enjoyed it and your a pleasure to be with thank you for making my day special

  2. Anonymous

    I have to say how delighted I am with the care and time invested In Me by UK models I wasn’t expecting it I was expecting them to look at me like I was just a job I just a client but I got treated with the upmost care.

    I had a lot of stuff which was pretty cool and I then had my makeup done and then my hair then we chose my outfit I went for a quick break which consisted of a quick refreshment and a cigarette and then I went back in to continue and carry on with my shoot.

    I really enjoyed it when i was outside it was quite rainy and windy day but my pictures look absolutely fabulous I mean I try and take a selfie at home and they will look hideous so whatever you did Uk models I’d like to thank you so much because without you I wouldn’t be where I am.

    very good help me get into the modelling industry and now im thriving I couldn’t be happier and it’s all down to you guys thank you very much.

    Yous are brilliant people.

  3. Anonymous

    I would highly recommend UK models to anybody who would ask about a career in the modelling industry.

    I’ve been with UK models for 2 years now and they are my preferred company as I have been with the few I find it difficult to find one that I actually enjoy being there, however UK models made my experience amazing.

    I can’t thank them enough for all the help and support they have given me for the last two years and I recommended UK models to one of my friends and she is signed up and she got offered a job on a catwalk she loved it.

    I can honestly day I love my profession. Nothing makes me happier than what I do thank you UK models.

  4. Anonymous

    Happy little lady I’ve been nonstop bragging to all my friends since I had a visit with UK models last week and how much they are an amazing company.

    How great I felt all dolled up looking pretty for a change is almost like I make the effort however I know that really it was a staff and all the hard work they did.

    I got to borrow some props from the studio which ultimately was better than what I had brought and their dresses were so much nicer makes from like zara really good makes and I looked totally amazing.

    I loved every single minute of being there wish I could have been there longer think I’ve made friends for life now and I will continue to stay in touch as my progress grows and grows thank you UK models for doing such a brilliant job on me.

    Absolutely beautiful hearted people. All of the staff had a role in making me successful so a massive thanks to them.

  5. Anonymous

    I personally think that UK models is one of the better modelling Industries to be in just because they invest so much time and effort in you and they are always there to help you improve if you need it.

    If you ask them to do something it’s done pretty much straight away you don’t have to wait a week like some other companies I have been with I really enjoyed my experience with UK models and I can’t wait for more because it has been so pleasant working alongside them.

    I will continue to do so for the foreseeable future they really are an awesome company with awesome staff. I Have never had the sense of belonging before until I met UK models and I just feel like I have my own little family and they help me through absolutely everything.

    I don’t have to do nothing on my own I need something updated they shall do it with absolutely no problem they really are the best people have met so far.

    Thanks guys from Elise x

  6. Annabelle

    I just happened to be walking by as a really pretty lady was going in and I thought to myself oh how ide love to be in her shoes I got to the end of the road and decided to turn back and go and apply best thing I’ve ever done still here six months later I glad I did it I wouldn’t change it for the world.

    I feel so much better in myself for doing so. I can believe how far ive came since starting with uk models 🙂

  7. Mikey

    Hi guys i am a Traveller boy from the travelling community who went to sus it out before my parents sent my sister along they had no problems with me being a traveller so after I had mine done I took my sister to have hers done. Obviously I’m not gonna say who I am like because that wouldn’t be accepted. But it was a great day and the staff was so friendly especially to my sister. We was treated the exact same as everybody else and that is very unusual for travellers to be accepted and treated like everybody else. My sister lived ever minute of it the hair and the make up and the dressing up. It was a present to my sister from my parents for her holy Communion but as folk know that girls can’t go out unshaparoned so I went along too and I have to say it was the best day of my life watching her so happy. I really was so happy with them and there not judgemental at all and I would have my sister recommend to everybody body in the traveler community. Proper sound people.

  8. Natalia

    I changed from owning my own fruit and veg stall to becoming a model and ive been with UK models now for two year they are a brilliant crew.

    I never knew what I was missing until I started with UK models they have given me so much inspiration on my future as a model. I can’t wait to progress further. Modelling is my happy place and I love it so much.

    I can’t thank the staff at UK models enough for everything they have done for me and helping me become a massive success. Look out for me in EastEnders guys this Is all thanks to UK models.

  9. Tomo

    I have severe torettets and I was so shocked how they kept on working with me through out all the swearing they had so much patience with me.

    I really wasnt expecting there kindness and there patience with me you see when I’m nervous I can’t control my torretts but they was very understanding and took there time with me.

    I had a really good time once I had settled in and loved it had some right fun posing. I found it a bit anxious when it came to the assessment due to it being one on one with a stranger but we over came it and I got accepted.

    Now I’m just waiting for some work to come my way I’m super excited thank you UK models


  10. Sandy

    Went to UK models for my birthday it was such a good day because everything was glowing from the weather my mood.

    Started with my make-up and they did such a amazing job I never knew how different I looked because I normally prefer the natural look. I couldn’t believe that I could look so good. And it didnt take to long either.

    I then went to having my hair done and I had it in a big bun with curles at the side and some bobby clips eventually I moved on to having my photographs taken and I have to say the photographer was really cool and professional.

    I took a liking to him mainly because he was patient with me. And helped me out probably more than he should have done. He was so sweet to me. He gave me a break to go and get some refreshments and then to come back in twenty minutes when I got assessed and luckily I got accepted I was over the moon I can’t wait for my future.

  11. Rachek

    I have had a good time at UK model which to somewhat surprised me as I have been to a few different modelling agency and they wasnt all that great I’m not going to sugar coat it but UK models were awesome.

    I found UK model awesome because as a child I had hit a heavy metal tin off my face and it had broken my skin and scared me when it had healed so for the last few years ive been walking round like Chucky however the make up artist was brilliant and managed to cover the whole scar you couldn’t even notice it and ive not been able to do that forever.

    They are extremely caring individuals who show the height of respect to everybody no matter there circumstances.

    I had gained so much confidence by the time it came to my shoot I loved it thank you ever so much.

  12. Billie

    Hi I have a photoshoot just after the new year with UK model and I’m a little bit nervous. I suffer with nervousness a lot which leads to me not being able to go to social events and I’m worried I might I have a melt down I can’t easily trust strangers and be alone with new people.

    I am travelling six long hours on my own and I’m a nervous wreck but all ive ever wanted to do was be a model. Make my parents proud sort of thing. I am 5.7 and I really want to end up on the cat walk and I know that UK models can help me reach my goal.

    Has anybody similar to me been to UK models if so can I ask a few things.
    Are the patient and kind or do they just want it over and Done with?
    Will they cancel my shoot if I have a meltdown. Does anybody know if its loud or quiet at UK models?

    Sorry I know its an awful lot of questions I just want to be prepared

    Thanks for reading

  13. Alex

    What on earth is going on here seriously I’m so good looking I didnt have really bad acne and body odor like the male sat beside me. I am clean shaven and always looking fresh yet you decided to decline me but the male beside me who had looked like a spud got accepted. Well if you ask me this is totally unfair.

    I will be back after the new year and I’m going to prove to you just how good that I am and how you need me. I will be successful and you’ll see that declining me was the worst mistake you could have ever made.

    Well let me just tell you this is all your fault you’ll miss out and you’ll have nobody to blame but yourselves. So I hope your happy.

  14. Charlotte

    I have to say I’m a little disappointed with yous people from UK models I went along for my shoot however I was 45 minutes late to which yous had said to me that yous could fit me in that evening at 6.15pm which was okay I went around and I did my shopping and then came back.

    When I came back I had my hair and make up done to a very high standard I tried really hard with my shoot and my poses and the photographer smiled at me a lot this then gave me the instinct that I was going to pass that I was finally going to be a model after to many times but man how I’m fuming as you rejected me.

    Why would you be so nice to someone your just going to reject..what is the point of carrying on the shoot is it a certain kind of criteria I have to meet? Not like I didnt meet it because people would kill to be me but you missed your chance I shall go else where.

  15. Ashlee

    I would highly recommend UK models to anybody who was intrigued as it is possibly one of the best experiences ive had I’m my life. I never expected it to be so much fun.I thought it would be a scam if I’m being completely honest with you because I had read so many bad toxic reviews online I honestly thought it was worth my time but then I read the good ones. So I thought I had nothing to lose so I went along and I had my shoot and they were brilliant in every possible way you could imagen they was all so happy and smiley they was helpful and polite..and extremely patient with me considering I had forgotten my glasses and I couldn’t see where I was going.

    My photographs looked emence and I really wasnt expecting it its the best ive looked for a while and ive tried to keep up that image now that I got accepted and I’m officially a model I dont know where I would be without you UK models you really have changed my life for the better. Thank you so much.

  16. Gaye

    Brilliant day with some proper awesome people not at all what I expected it to be I expected it to be crap by the reviews however I got told different so I went along I had my hair done and it looked mint then I had my make up done and I have to say leelah you did a fantastic job.

    I had a spa day the day before my shoot so I would be relaxed but it turned out I was elergiac to whichever cream she had smothered on my face and back and I was all read and blotch but the make up artist worked wonders with it and you couldn’t even tell by the time she had finished and the foundation didnt even irratate my skin.

  17. Brad

    This is a bit of a late review because I have to way to embarrassed to write one.

    I was having a great time posing and just being myself infrint of the camera until I had knocked down the big flashy light and it smashed into a million tiny pieces I felt so disheartened but even so the staff was attentive and they dealt with it and I carried on my shoot.

    So three weeks after my shoot with UK models I had a staring role in goggle box I was on it for very long but I had a real good time and I recieved a lot of pennies for it. I couldn’t believe that I actually got work from it considering I trashed the gaff. (Sorry for that) I’m due back next week and I’m excited for my next shoot

  18. Gabrielle

    I had the most wonderful time at UK models I’m getting married on the 27th of December and the girl I wanted to do my make was busy in work all the way up until my wedding day so I decided to apply for a shoot she was absolutely amazing and I really did look stunning so ive decided she is going to be my make up and hair lady. I couldn’t be happier with my choice but to make things ten times better I had been accepted so I quit my job at iceland today as I got offered a modelling job on the catwalk. Its like Christmas has came early for me thank you so much

  19. Rebecca

    I’m a single mum of five and I lead a hectic life. I have five children under the age of ten my life is usually a mess but my parents had arranged for me to have a nice three day London break this included going to UK models. Oh the relief I felt I was kid free with no cherios in my hair no constant minegrain and I was just really caught up in the moment enjoying myself.

    I loved going to uk models I had a really good time although I didnt go for work atleast it was an amazing confidence boost! Thanks x

  20. Lucie

    Thank to UK models I dropped out of uni I got on the cat walk and ive pretty much travelled the world in the last ten years I go everywhere first class my life changed massively because I grew up as a poor kid. So thanks ever so much.

  21. Annie

    UK 17

    I am known as singing Annie and I was on the x factor a few years ago. They told me to find a different profession so I went busking for a while and then my son told me to come to UK models.

    I had a brilliant day however I got declined. So I guess I shall be travelling on until I find my calling.

  22. Laurie

    Thanks to UK models they got me straight into work but ive had to decline work a few times as I have to fit modeling around my uni work but the best thing is that I can pick and chose my hours and be as flexible as I want.

  23. Ste

    What a fab time with tma models I had I wasnt expecting too because I had read a few bad reviews but the good outdid the bad so I gave it a go and it actually turned out to be a right blast!

    The staff were awesome and so supportive they answered any questions I had and the were so friendly. Absolutely brilliant people that could work wonders if you ask me.

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