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I set off to River models 2 days ago and I am very chuffed with the service that I received from all of the staff I turned up at 10 a.m. now I live in London so it wasn’t too much of a commute for me.
I really enjoyed having my makeup done by Jane she was really cool quite funny we had a good laugh my makeup was done brilliantly I had a certain glow about myself that I haven’t seen in a while.
I guess I really enjoyed my day because I haven’t been pampered like that in awhile and it was nice for somebody else to be dressing me up instead of myself I didn’t even take hours I didn’t take too long to have it done and I honestly thought I look well hot.
No I don’t have a lot of hair and I was quite worried as to how they was going to style it cos I didn’t want it looking boyish. However she gave me a few Styles to pick from and I’ve got to say I was quite happy with the outcome then I moved on to have my photos taken that was good it was funny and everybody who passed as in the street was looking at me that made me feel really cool all eyes were on me for a change.
I can’t thank river models enough for what they have done for me hopefully the outcome of the test shoot day will be that I get offered a job I have already received my portfolio and I was delighted with it bring on the future.I’m super excited as to where my new life is going to lead.
Thank you ever so much River models

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  1. Toni b

    Oh my what an amazing day I had with river models I wasn’t expecting it due to all the bad reviews I had read all I can say is what a load of crap they are I had the most perfect day with the most perfect people and I couldn’t have asked for anything more they really did they go all out to do my makeup my hair different styles different styles of clothing.

    It was nice to be all dolled up for the day and it was also nice to spend time people who knew and understand the career that I want to be in I know it’s not easy to get into the modelling industry but these people from river models have helped me a lot to understand more about the modelling industry and my target of where I want to be and how far I want to go.

    I personally don’t know where I would be without river models now I know everybody has a different view and I have read some of the reviews and all I have to say on that is that they’re absolutely crap a malicious with you that didn’t need to be written because they aren’t true.

    I can’t thank river models enough who invest in their time into me and put 110% effort in every time without fail and who continue to support me throughout my career so thank you very much river models.

  2. Terry

    River models is most definitely the place to be. now being a model I have browsed different companies I’ve been with them and their standards are not as high as River models.

    River models really do go all out to make sure that you are comfortable and satisfied with the service you are receiving from them they make sure that you are content with their level of work and if you’re not happy about something they will change it and they will get that done very quickly for you.

    I really can’t fault them they have helped me throughout my career and I don’t think I could ever go with anybody else. They make you look and feel beautiful and they make the whole day about you and every single shoot after that.

    They are always on hand for help and for tips and advice. I’ve sent them multiple emails just for advice and they have gotten back to me within hours really speedy great company and I would recommend them to anybody who would like a career in the modelling industry.

    They are just all round fabulous people with a fabulous company and they are very customer focused so what you waiting for if you look into be a model I would certainly go with this company.

    Thank you river models from Kate x

  3. KAren

    I don’t read reviews in fact I don’t even write them so this is a first for me. But I have to write a review just to tell the staff and the company as a whole how amazing they made me feel during my test shoot last week.

    I had my makeup done by Jane she was such a bubbly lovely person. We had a great conversation and she involved me quite nicely into other conversations we had a really good laugh and she made me feel really comfortable.

    As I moved on to get my hair done by Jade she had styled my hair twice for different shoots I don’t like to use lots of products in my hair and I did make Jade aware which she was cool with so she didn’t put much as you put a little bit of hair spray and that held perfectly I couldn’t have altered my hairstyles because she made me look awesome.

    As I moved on to having my photo shoot and I had some photos taken inside the building and some photos taken outside the building I preferred being outside even though it was windy and cold but I think it was just more to the fact that everybody was looking at me and they were looking at me in a positive way and that was quite a nice feeling.

    Is not often I’m the star of The Show but I felt like it and I can’t thank the staff at river models enough for boosting my confidence and making me feel so amazing and it’s all down to them so thank you very much for river models what an amazing company.

  4. LUcy B

    River models

    My day started off awful as I was on route to River models a car has driven by into a puddle and it has gone all over me I was soaked to the Bone but hey that was just the start of my really bad disastrous day.

    Now I hadn’t brought an umbrella because it was looking ok when I left the house but then it started raining pretty badly and I looked like a drowned rat. I was super angry at the fact that I was heading to do my modelling shoot and I turned up soaking wet I was Furious.

    I was mainly Furious because I had only brought enough outfits for my shoot and then I didn’t realise that I would have to wait and fill out some paperwork in sitting have my make-up and hair done so I thought I was going to be soaking wet whilst waiting to have my photos taken.

    However as soon as I arrived they told me to get out an outfit from my case and dry myself off so I did it backwards I went to the hairstylist first and she did my hair she dried it and styled it it look beautiful and then I went to the makeup artist who removed the remainder of the mascara that was running down my cheeks and applied new makeup and have me looking fabulous like my disastrous morning didn’t happen.

    By the time it got to go in for my photoshoot I’ve completely forgotten about the morning I had had because as soon as I walked in two River models studio I was greeted really nicely by all the staff I was at acknowledged bye everybody and they all helped me out and we had a good laugh.

    And because I was then outfit down because I had to change when I got there but they let me borrow one of their outfits which was gorgeous it was a dress that I choose and it was sparkly it was from Zara and it shouted hey look at me I’m a model.

    I absolutely loved it I will continue to stick with river models throughout my career if I get offered any jobs fingers crossed they will come my way soon thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me River models I will see you again soon.

  5. Stefan

    As a guy I used to find it really embarrassing to say that I did modelling just because all my friends would always take the piss out of me for it and said that I should be doing football instead of modelling.

    I never really used to talk about my career just because people will take the piss. But then thanks to River models I soon learnt that they’re not making eight hundred to a grand a month but I am so I guess it is me who had the last laugh.

    At first I didn’t really expect to make this much I only did it for a bit of fun however then I got accepted and I got my portfolio and within three weeks I got offered jobs and I love doing them because I could just be myself I don’t have to act like I had this hard exterior because I wasn’t with my friends I could just be me.

    I love the fact that when I went to River models I didn’t have to do anything for myself they literally style my hair they did my makeup they chose which outfits go best with each other.

    They put on some accessories to go with the outfit which just toped the outfit off and made me look banging. I can’t thank river models enough for getting me where I am today. I’m investing so much time into me and effort they really are the best company I have been with and I wouldn’t go with any other.

    Really have excelled in every area they work on and they have made me accomplish lots within the last year again thank you so so very much

    from Stefan

  6. Simone

    I started my day of fuming because the train was almost a whole hour late which then delayed my photoshoot with river models.

    I wanted to be a model so bad I had ran from the tube station and it was pouring down with rain so I was drenched which ultimately made my mood so much worse.

    When I eventually turned up I walked in the studio was so bright it instantly made me smile and a lovely lady had introduced herself as fizz she was lovely to me she introduced me to the make up artist and hair stylists.

    So I went to have my make up done and I got given a a few different looks to choose from and I got to pick two.

    I then moved onto having my hair styled and the lady (I can’t remember her name) but she was great and had such a good personality to her.

    When I went to go and get my photographs taken I first had some done inside I loved it because it was bright and colourful I had borrowed some props and I felt great then we had ventured outside and I was equipped with an umbrella this time and it seemed that all the people walking by was looking at me and smiling so with all eyes on me I was feeling fabulous.

    Thank you so much river models you are a great team!

  7. Allison

    Not very happy I had really high hopes for going to river models my friend had hers done here and she looked great her photographs were lovely and she all round enjoyed the experience.

    But I looked fat in my photographs. And she looked skinny why? Its not even like I’m fat I’m only a size 18. Yet I dont look like her. My pictures dont look as good as hers like they are high quality but howcome she looks so thin and pretty?

    I got accepted and all that but I still dont feel like I had a glow like hers. Maybe its a personal issue or maybe its just the way the photographs were taken.

  8. Kain

    I had a brilliant day too the staff are kind caring and polite they are great. I had a really enjoyable experience.

  9. Jayson

    All round awesome day. Fun filled with awesome people I can’t thank them enough. Really was a top day. Thank you river models.

  10. Dawn

    I am a Police officer as my 9.5 job and a model as spare time job and I love it I have two totally different sides to me. Modelling helps me release the tension from being a police officer.

    I love it I have modeling jobs because of river models none of this would have happened if it wasnt for them helping me get to where I am I have been with river models for the last three years and I honestly wouldn’t go with any other modelling agency.

    They are so kind and laid back which is a lot different to what I’m use to with working in such a busy environment.
    I really do find it enjoyable.

    When people ask me about my job I tell them I have two they can’t believe how different they are to one another. I couldn’t get a more oppisit job if I tried. But all the same I love it so much.

    Thank you river models

    Dawn x

  11. Jenna

    What a marvelous day I had. It was superb the staff was so nice and welcoming to me even thought when I was outside river models I hadn’t realised and I had asked some girl for directions and she said your here already …ooooppps blonde moment.

    So I ventured in. Wow the place is just so glamorous and the staff are well presented to. They were all happy and smiling. They just made it seem like river models is a great place to work.

    I couldn’t help but to just take a sneaky look around and get some sort of insight on the modeling world seen as this is my first ever time. And you’d see girls who were proper posing and stuttings there stuff. Maybe they are fully proffeional and have been in this profession for a long while now.

    Anyway so I was getting so excited I had my hair and make up done and I posed the best I could I really enjoyed my day I guess I’m just disappointed because I didnt get accepted. But thats okay because I will try again. And I will succeed its all ive ever wanted to be x

  12. Pauline

    River models I have to say what an absolute delight it was coming to see you last Wednesday it was a brilliant day from start to finish your staff was brilliant and friendly.

    For starters my hair is always a big scruffy hot mess not because its dirty or hasn’t been washed or brushed its just so frizzy all the time. It gets exhausting to to keep on top of it so it was lovely to have the girls pamper me and fix my hair, they had even given me some tip on how to make it less frizzy. They had my hair and make up done in 25 minutes and I was looking hot.

    I went to having photos done and I got to go on the roof! Now I’m absolutly terrified of heights but this was so enjoyable and at the same time so unimaginable because you could see the whole of London. Its was magical.

    I couldn’t believe and actually still can’t believe that I was lucky enough to be accepted. I was in my element thank you so much river models.

  13. Harry

    Last week, I had the privilege of being a guest for a one off photoshoot at river models. Just for a boost of confidence. I liked everything about it from to good vives to the bright light and the great attitudes. It really was an experience I will remember for the rest of my life.

    I had complete support from every member of staff and they was all so nice and welcoming to me even though I sure they couldn’t understand a word I was saying. Think that down to my strong Scottish accent. I had lost my confidence a little bit but they encouraged me and told me I was doing great to carry on the good whilst little did I know but they was doing the majority of it. They are a brilliant crew I couldn’t thank them enough for helping me out like they did.

    I had felt like I had built a good relationship with them in such little time I’m almost second thinking and thinking about taking modeling on as a career. We shall see what the future holds for me.

    Thank you river models.

  14. Jim

    I had told my wife of 33 years that for her annerversary gift she shall go to river models as when she was a young lassy she used to do a fair bit of modelling. So we both went along two weeks ago and she really enjoyed herself she was being pampered left right and center and my my how I have to say scrumptious she looked with her face and hair all dressed up. Living in the moment I felt like we was teenagers again.

    My wife was loving it she was so happy and persisted that we had purchased all photographs on that very day (happy wife happy life) so now her photographs of her shoot remain on the wall of fame and the fire place.

    Thank you river models for making my wife so happy she is in her element.

  15. Carly

    River models
    I and my daughter had a really wonderful morning with
    River models. They was so pleasent to her my daughter Rosie loves going out places but this was a surprise for her birthday as she has been going on and on and on about pageants lately so I thought okay we shall see how she does.

    She was loving it waffing her hair with her shiny tiara giving her best pout after 8 attempts and a massive grin on her face she was just so caught up in the moment and loving every minute of it I then decided right then in the moment that this was for her and that river models had showed me everything I needed to know! Thank you so much. You really are an amazing crew.

  16. Carly

    River models
    I and my daughter had a really wonderful morning with
    River models. They was so pleasent to her my daughter Rosie loves going out places but this was a surprise for her birthday as she has been going on and on and on about pageants lately so I thought okay we shall see how she does.

    She was loving it waffing her hair with her shiny tiara giving her best pout after 8 attempts and a massive grin on her face she was just so caught up in the moment and loving every minute of it I then decided right then in the moment that this was for her and that river models had showed me everything I needed to know! Thank you so much. You really are an amazing crew.

  17. Jayne

    I’m so excited for my shoot this week at river models I dont suppose anybody knows what would be good to bring? I have really sensitive skin so if I brought my skin care products would they mind? Also I would very much like to wear summer dresses but is it warm enough inside to have my photoshoot done in summer clothing?.

    Sorry I know a lot of questions but I just want to make it perfect modeling is my dream job and I can’t wait to go to river models. Ive read a few reviews and most of them are good oh man I’m just so nervous I just want it to go right the first time. My ultimate dream is to be the worlds top model. Big dream I know but I know I can make it happen if I just try hard enough. I love having photos done and I’m not that bad looking so I figured I should do it as a job and get paid for it. After all they do day you dont work a day in your life if you love what you do.

  18. Shenice

    I had a pretty sweet day at river models it was cool because I turned up early and I didnt even have to wait that long to be seen and then before I even knew it they had me with the hair stylest and she was lovely such a kind individual and then I got moved on to make up and that was awesome I basically got to chose any look I wanted and I didnt like the first one so the lady had redone it for me I was so giddy ready to get my photos started. So we went out to the street and I was loving it not going to lie it’s the only time you can hug a lampost without someone calling you a weirdo. Haha brilliant day my photographs were amazing so thank you so much river models I can’t wait for work x

  19. Callum

    I work on a scrap yard I’m the only female who does. I dont wear dresses. I curse like a sailor and I’m not very approachable I’m not going to lie. However my friend had recommended river models to me and I laughed at her and she told me to give it a try so we went together and I wore a retro blue dress. Which was shocking never have I ever worn a dress before.I even put some accessories with it from the studio and I did look quite amazing I guess ive never seen this side of me before. Ive never really been a girly girl ive always hung around lads and acted like a lad.

    I found myself to be really chirpy after the test shoot I even kept my make up on which I never wear and my dress and heels up on leaving the studio. What an awesome day and my highlight of the day was when I was having photos done and I had been wolf whistled at.

    Mint day cheers river models.

  20. Riley

    What an epic time I had today at river models I didnt think it was going to be as good as it was because I had read some god awful reviews and it had put me in two minds about going however it was nine year old daughter who spoke to me and said mum go and enjoy yourself you deserve it and I figured if a child is telling me to go and enjoy myself it means I probably should so I did and I’m so glad that I did because they were just so amazing from the hair and make up to the photographs I just felt complete. Like this was somehow what I was meant to be doing. The same day I got assessed and accepted I couldn’t believe it. I’ll be so chuffed if I get work from it

    Thank you ever so much river models.

  21. Jax

    The lights were to bright the music was to loud there was screaming kids and I didnt get accepted I was put off my game when all this was going on. I feel its an unfair decision and I want a second opinion because what you dont seem to understand is that I’m a really great person with a huge personality and a massive heart so why have I been Declined?

    Why is it I wasnt good enough because I will keep coming back and trying and trying and I will make myself successful and I will become a model and if yous dont accept me I’m sure I will find a different modelling agency that will.

  22. Norman

    Awful experience only one towel in the bathroom there was a screaming kid beside me that I’m pretty sure was trying to drive me insane I could hear him over my music. And my music was fairly loud. So by the time my shoot had came along almost 45 minutes later after hair and make up I had a whopping headache.

    So by then I really wasnt in the mood to be faffed with so I had my photographs taken and I had been declined by this point I was livid how dare they decline me after everything I’m after putting up with.

    I shall not be returning.

  23. Amanda

    People mainly look at me like oh gross your a dog walk you pick up poo for a living now I live in a very small town so everybody knows everybody however they are all well and good taking the mick out of me but when they saw my face in the bus stop on a massive poster promoting Ralph Lauren they went so smug about being a teacher then.

    Thank you river models for making this possible and giving me a chance to get my foot in the door your a truly awesome team. Let the haters hate because there never going to be me I just had to be a little more patient to get where I wanted to be.

  24. Naomi

    River model

    I suffer really bad with psoriasis on my face and arms and legs so its really no good when I’m wearing a dress and you can see it all because it flares up so bad. Well my flare up was worse than ever when I went for my shoot but leelah was great she managed to cover it all up and nothing was showing through my skin and for one day my skin looked perfect this gave Me a really good boost of self confidence and I couldn’t believe just how great I looked. I have to say even though I got declined my day was made super special and I will never forget it so thank you so so so so much x

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