Ok so I never leave a review however I would really like to express how happy I am with my experience I received from TMA MODELS last Wednesday I was absolutely astounded because I had read everywhere about the bad reviews and how its a risk.
 I wasn’t really expecting anything from it however I went for my test shoot and I had my hair done by the lovely Gemma and I have my makeup done by Christine and then I went on to photography.
I had some done inside and some done outside it was really good really decent I really enjoyed it and I even got my portfolio the same day I had enjoyed it that much.
 I really wasn’t expecting anything at all to come out of it and now I’m really hoping that I will have some jobs and get further in the industry because I feel like I’ve found my calling and I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be modelling.
 thank you TMA MODELS you really have outdone yourselves thank you so much I could never thank you all enough for everything
 love Cynthia

20 thoughts on “TMA MODELS


    They Rejected me which seems stupid

    Im probably intimidating for them with how good a models i am

    TMA MODELS you have missed out


  2. Jae

    Had a really cool time with TMA MODELS the staff were pretty cool as well had a right laugh with them. I wish I could be there all the time because that’s my kind of zone like I was proper feeling the vibes from everybody who is there everybody was in a happy mood ready for the day bearing in mind it was 9:20 a.m.

    I was quite shocked at how pleasant everybody was to me and they were nice and supportive and help me through what I needed to get through in order to be successful.

    It made my day feel so much better. And the good vibes made me so much better in my photo shoots thank you UK models. So I would highly recommend going to UK models due to the fact they make you feel so good about yourself atmospheres awesome definitely coming to UK models again.

    Thank you for a really good day and your staff are awesome. The best people I have met so far. They really made a brilliant memory for me that I will carry for the rest of my life.

    This is a brilliant experience. I loved it and I would give it five stars.

    Jen x

  3. Darren

    So I started off by having the worst day ever I was on my way to tma models and it was pouring down with rain I completely forgotten my umbrella to be fair it looked quite a nice day and I got absolutely soaked so I ended up in the studio looking like a drowned rat.

    However the hairstyle the said that it was absolutely no bother they should fix it and she did she was amazing she did my hair she styled it lovely didn’t even move outside for the photoshoot really really enjoyed myself.

    I have my makeup done twice with the photos to get to looks and it was absolutely amazing they told me a few tips to make up artist and hairstylist told me a few tips that you know when I’m going for a new jobs how to make myself look professional.

    where as I never knew that and to do such simple and easy tips so you can have them done in five minutes and completely transform yourself I really can’t thank UK models enough what you’ve done is there a brilliant company thank you very much.

    I really enjoyed my day so even though it started off bad it ended beautifully I think I’m going to stick with tma models because they are the best company I found as of yet.

  4. Darren

    I think that TMA MODELS is the best company to go with considering I have been at a few and most of them are really bad I have decided that I will be returning to UK models as they were so polite and patient with me.

    I’m 64 and I went out with my husband for the day 2 UK models which was quite enjoyable even though I told him I didn’t want to go but he wanted the photos for the fireplace and they were so patient with me and gave me certain poses that would look nice.

    Me and my husband has such a lovely day being pampered and having her photos taken we decided that we really should go on more days out like this.

    Now I know modelling is for people who want a career out of it. However me and my husband are a little too old to be going out and getting out and getting ourselves a career.

    But we did have a wonderful day we met some wonderful people and we thank you very much.

  5. Luke

    Had a brilliant time last week I really enjoyed myself it was great the staff are pleasant kind and polite I couldn’t have asked for a better test shoot. Going to tma models really did open my eyes to the modeling industry and how it works.

    I loved going for my photoshoot because everybody was full of positivity and not only that but for the first time in a long time I got told I had potential! I was so happy when I got told this. So with my mood blooming we went on the shoot and it was awesome. I just lived the whole experience. Can’t wait for many more.

  6. Nancy

    Brilliant day at tma models the staff are so cool. Very professional to. I can’t believe how much fun I had tma models thank you so much yous are such a great crew. So vibrant and nice.

  7. Chantelle

    I loved every minute of it I would give it five stars if I could yous really are the best commmooany I have ever been with and I have been a model for the last six years. Best thing ive ever done in my life.

  8. Kai

    Brilliant company with a fab reputation they really do know how to treat everyone equally. Best company ive been to in a long while. I couldn’t imagen doing anything different now ive been with them for so long thank you so much tma models.

  9. Niel

    What a bunch of whoppers they declined me that made me livid because I travelled from Ireland. Spent white abit on commuting and food for the day just to waste hours and be declined. Whatever man. What a joke.

  10. Darlene

    What an epic day. A bit windy but was truly the best day ever!!! They had borrowed me some lovely accessories to go with my outfits and they were so nice to me I can’t thank them enough. Honestly amazing people I would highly recommend them to anyone x

  11. Steph

    I and my daughter had a really wonderful morning with
    Tma models. They was so pleasent to her my daughter holly loves going out places but this was a surprise for her birthday as she has been going on and on and on about pageants lately so I thought okay we shall see how she does.

    She was loving it waffing her hair with her shiny tiara giving her best pout after 8 attempts and a massive grin on her face she was just so caught up in the moment and loving every minute of it I then decided right then in the moment that this was for her and that river models had showed me everything I needed to know! Thank you so much. You really are an amazing crew.

  12. Joe

    My name is Joe I was a full time butcher however ive gone down to part time as I found tma models and took up part time work for them so I also get work for littlewoods and river island magazine and I love it.

    The staff are lovely and they are really professional I like being with tma models because they have a completely different atmosphere to anywhere else ive been in my entire life.

    They are such a lively bunch of people. They do so much to try help you be successful. They are ever so supportive and attentive. There is someone always on hand to help me. Tma models is my favourite place to be.

  13. Laurie

    I would highly recommend tma models to anybody who was intrigued as it is possibly one of the best experiences ive had I’m my life. I never expected it to be so much fun.I thought it would be a scam if I’m being completely honest with you because I had read so many bad toxic reviews online I honestly thought it was worth my time turns out after reading so many good review I changed my mind within two hours possibly the best descion I have made. Thank you so much tma models.

  14. Una

    I love tma models I have to say I had a really good time I was in my element with it and I have to say it was a good experience in fact by far one of the best I have had! I will forever be sticking with tma models so thank you very much for a such a pleasent experience

  15. Yolanda

    I personally think tma models is the best place to go they are so great and really nice staff who are more than hapoy to assist you with any enquiries you may have. I love tma models I talk about them to everybody x

  16. Linda

    I Had a grand time with tma models I travelled from Dublin. So I decided on a weekend stay due to the commuting plus a girls just gotta have a little fun! And honestly tma models just made my weekend complete. Thank you so so so much x

  17. Sarah

    I had a fantastic time at tma models the staff went the extra mile to make sure I was happy and comfortable which just made my day even more special.the staff was actually amazing in assisting me so thanks again tma models I would highly recommend x

  18. Demi

    I had visited tma model feeling so very nervous because it was my first ever time going to a modelling shoot .the staff made me feel so relaxed and included I ended up having a proper awesome day. I can’t wait to come again

  19. Sam

    The weather was grim which effected my mood massively. I was soaked and not in the mood to participate anymore and even though the staff at tma models helped me gave me a new outfit to put on a dried my hair it still put a dampener on my day. I didnt get accepted which sucked.

  20. Mark

    I didnt enjoy my experience come the end of my shoot with tma models I liked having my make up and hair done and the photographs were awesome quality but I got assessed and they declined me and I was happy about this maybe I just wasnt cut out for it.

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