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River Models Review

I set off to River models 2 days ago and I am very chuffed with the service that I received from all of the staff I turned up at 10 a.m. now I live in London so it wasn’t too much of a commute for me. I really enjoyed having my makeup done by Jane… Read More »

Uk Models Review

I had a really good time at UK models. I was expecting UK models to be the same as any other studio that I have been to but he just wasn’t it was good in every single way. The staff were in good humour. And I can’t fight them for the hard work that they… Read More »


Ok so I never leave a review however I would really like to express how happy I am with my experience I received from TMA MODELS last Wednesday I was absolutely astounded because I had read everywhere about the bad reviews and how its a risk.  I wasn’t really expecting anything from it however I… Read More »