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Thanks to Gt Models   hi guys so I’m 53 pretty much just gave up on body image it didn’t really matter to me. so I’m sat having a brew and my friend came round and said she booked us both for a day out in London for some modelling photos done ,my reply was don’t be stupid I’m too old for that! apparently not so we went on the train i was thinking this is going to be a waste of time i was absolutely wrong I’ve never had so much fun. yes fun at 53!


! it can happen guys we went to Gt Models to have our photographs done we both chose to have them done outside it was so much fun getting ready for them having people do your hair and make up sitting there like lady of leisure so i will start by what a fabulous crew Gt Models have Tony and Jen were amazing Tony did my hair and Jen did my make up filled all my wrinkles i looked fabulous i felt like a completely new person i liked this person. the crew was amazing all smiles and so friendly. best photos I’ve had done to this day i can’t wait to go again. they’ve gave me my confidence back my life back I’ve realised i look stunning and i love myself again since that day it really was an amazing eye opener. i can only thank all you lovely people at Gt Models for the amazing job you’ve done best decision I’ve made.Six models Mac Studios

so anyway i had some photos outside and it was a beautiful day. the sun was out very bright orange tinge to it. it was so pretty which instantly put a shine on my day. the photographs were already beautiful i didn’t think anything could sake them look better because i looked and felt beautiful but having the photographs done outside just put the finishing touch on them. me and Sarah liked the way we was treated and the photographs so much we are going to go again. although were not using them for work they were mainly for a pick me up the day itself was wonderful can’t wait to see you again Gt Models! keep up the fabulous work what an amazing crew thank you Gt Models! thank you so much.

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  1. Vera

    Gt models do a right good job they are always on hand for whatever you need and never feels like you are there to work I love going there. They excel in what they do I couldn’t say a bad thing about them. They are honestly the best to go with

    GT models had me talking about there company for months to my friends and three of them had signed up to! Only two of them have been accepted though and the other one is very bitter she got declined. However I just think that they are a great crew and they work magic


  2. kelly

    I really enjoyed ,y day with them they are cool people who thrive on your success i couldn’t recommend a better company to be honest great people who do great things.

  3. Georgia

    I had a really good day with gt models and i cant wait to see what comes of it for my future im only a young girl so hopefully this is my new career. Gt made me feel really comfortable when i was with them. great stuff!

  4. Perry

    I had my photographs done inside the studio and outside it was really cool. They give good expert advice on make up and hair. only five minute tricks and you look stunning. i haven’t tried them yet but i will soon enough

  5. Jazz

    I’m due to take my daughter in a weeks time and she is so excited thanks for the review you’ve really reassured me as i’ve read some mixed reviews but this just tops my decision so thank you i shall post an update.

  6. Beth

    i went three weeks ago and i really enjoyed myself probably a bit to much haha. i really felt like i owned it i was on my game i had got accepted. i asked for my portfolio the same day. it really was awesome.

  7. Xander

    I feel anxious when it comes to GT models and i have a shoot in two days but ive read so many mixed reviews. some advice would be great if anybody has any please.

  8. kirsty

    No complaints from me. super happy with GT they’ve helped me in the right direction.
    truly amazing company.

  9. Rachel

    i felt so great i was propper done up feeling pretty..x

  10. Lesley King Post author

    I read all the reviews on how GT models is the best company ever and people can’t fault them. What aload of crap. Best company ever my arse. I went and travelled from Glasgow all the way to London just to be told no ive not been accepted.

    All this because I thought most of the poses just wasn’t me so I didnt want to do them and I told the photographer who said it was my choice. But obviously not!!! The one thing I wanted to do was succeed.

    Is it to much to ask to finally make something of myself and the comments on how easy it is to be accepted and get jobs..yeah? Then why wasn’t I accepted?

    Well this so called best company ever declined me which leads to me not moving up in the world and no I will not be reapplying with you or anybody else!

    You’ve just full on just ruined my whole life and I hope your happy GT models. I won’t be recommending you to anybody. Why would I? I’m not gonna be the one to crush peoples dreams you might not mind but I do.!!!

  11. Julia-kay.

    What a extremely stressful day I had with gt models I didnt really want to go to begin with. My sisters thought it would be a great idea to get me out of the house and have some fun.

    Well what a joke that was on our train journey on the way to gt models all we did was argue and I was not in the mood to be putting up with them. I was only out the house for an hour and I was already bored out of my skull.

    Me and my sisters dont get on never have but they wanted to do something nice for me. So I thought I would go ahead and give it a try.

    We got some breakfast and a Starbucks and then made our way to the studio. It was full of nice people who was really chatty. But it was setting my anxiety off really bad.

    Due to my anxiety I didnt really want my photographs done I just wanted to go home. So I wasnt enjoying myself throughout the shoot.

    When the shoot had finished I got assessed and then got declined which had me super annoyed as I didnt have to go there. Or more or less I got dragged there by my sisters.

    Now I’m not ungreatful. But I really didnt enjoy it my sisters did but its not for me I felt like I was forced into it and then got rejected and my sisters got accepted!


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