Esquire Models – A mothers review

hello everyone this is my review of esquire models  i have been looking at getting my modelling done for some time now I’m 33 i was recommended by a friend to contact Esquire Models and they referred me to the wonderful Media Style London. my friend said she had a fabulous experience with you guys so i should give it a go so i thought why not it would be a nice day out for me and my kids i have three kids Rebecca Lizzy and Ben so as we were having dinner i told them that we were going to London the next day to have our photographs taken oh my they were so excited they love posing and they love being in the spotlight.

esquire models is an amazing platform they use a fabulous studio  personally i think it was the best desicion i have made for me and my kids. they are a fab studio so to set about my day i got up got the kids breakfast showered and dressed then we set off from Liverpool to London the train journey was havoc . people had taken our seats that we had booked. i wouldn’t have minded other than there was no other seats and its not easy with the youngest being three and into everything. so safe to say its mast the most pleasant journey it could have gone a lot smoother. so by the time i got to Mac Studios you could imagine i was a stressed out mess. now with three very hungry and excited munchkins i went and found us somewhere for a bit to eat.

we was then greeted by gary and sean. sean had sat down and explained how our day would go and gary was playing with the children to keep them occupied thank god! my children were so excited as they kept saying they looked like kings and queens and that they had so much fun that they would like to go again the pictures came out amazing and they looked beautiful!i really couldn’t have asked for better since then the kids have said they would like to do pagents and this has helped them to get there thank you mac models! amazing place with amazing staff and reliable staff that helped look after the children we all absolutely love our day with your team so a huge thank you so so much


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