Uk Models  and  The Blue Rooms

Hi everybody at Mac Studios
               Thought i would write about my experience with Uk Models  and  The Blue Rooms  based in
London now I’m based in London myself so it wasn’t a trek to find it. i am 26 and was a little sceptical about doing this modelling portfolio but after a bit of family persuasion i did some research and made the decision to go with six models and mac studios. a lovely girl showed me around and introduced me to the Six models team, clothes stylist,make up artist, the hair stylist and the photographer of course all thanks to Uk Models  and  The Blue Rooms .

uk models

Once all dolled up i had a few photos taken in the mac studio to make me feel bit more comfortable before i went out on the streets to do more photographs. we went to the gardens across the road this was so amazing i saw people turning and having a second glance at me, this was the best i had felt for years and thats all thanks to the amazing team at Uk Models  and  The Blue Rooms .

After an hour or so i returned to mac studios and had the make up artist re do my makeup with a new outfit for some more in studio photographs as i was so nervous in my first set they wanted to re try some of the indoor photos so i didn’t look as nervous. after the photographer had finished i was sat out on the sofas with a lovely cup of tea and biscuits waiting for my call.. there was other people waiting who had also had an amazing time i sat there chatting away to the other models when my name was called by a lovely member of staff named hannah she took me down to the ‘viewing room’ and showed me the pictures that had been taken i was so amazed at such a great job they did she asked me if i would’ve like a portfolio and of course i did because i would’ve love to do it as a job but it was so so difficult to pick which pictures i wanted the most but after spending some time with hannah i decided the ones i wanted and she made up my portfolio which lead to the new me. I’m currently looking for modelling jobs am more confident thanks to six models and mac studios amazing team members

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