Today i am going to Gt Models and Media style London for a photo shoot

ello to all.
Today i am going to Gt Models and Media style London for a photo shoot and throughout the day i will bit writing up my experience and will post it after i have finished my day i will post it up and let you all know how it went!
I currently live 30 minutes away from where Gt Models and Media style London is. Im so mega excited to have my photos taken and potentially get my own portfolio.
i have just arrived at Gt Models and Media style London and have been greeting by a lovely girl called hannah who showed me in and around before taking the clothes i had and mix and matching them with some of their own clothes.

what i really like about Gt Models and Media style London is that they have their own wardrobe so they can mix and match the styles for each shoot.
I have just had my hair and makeup done by two amazing ladies and now i am off to see the clothes stylist to see what outfits she has picked out for me
I have had photos taken in two of the outfits chosen for me and now the plan is to head out to the street for another set of photographs in different outfits.
the sun was blazing outside i had people looking at me when walking past i felt so confident in myself and had a really good time working in the environment around me.
we headed back inside and i sat and waited for hannah to come and get me.
Other people was waiting so we talked about our days experience and although we had all been to the same place the team had made are days very different to each other but such amazing experiences for all of us.
Elaine came and got me after the first two girls and we went to sit and look at the pictures, i was so pleased with them so i really wanted a portfolio done but it was so difficult to choose only a certain amount of pictures
i chose my pictures and now on my way home to show everyone what an amazing job Gt Models and Media style London have done i fully recommend this to anyone thinking of a photo shoot as Gt Models and Media style London are AMAZING
Thank you all ever so much

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