Hello to everyone at Esquire Models

Hello to everyone at Esquire Models
I came in last week for my photo shoot and i thought id write a quick message just to say how it all went.
Im Lucy I’m 24 and have been trying to chase my dream of becoming a model. For the past 4 years i have gone to various modelling platforms but have been trying to find the right place to get my portfolio done. I have spent so much money on portfolios that i just haven’t been happy with but that all changed last week when i found your amazing team at Esquire ModelsI had been recommended by a friend a couple of months ago but with all the horrible experiences i have had in the past i wanted to take it at my own pace and do some re search before getting in contact with yourselves. 3 weeks ago i contacted you and a few days later i was contacted back by a lovely polite gentleman called Zak, he let me know of everything, which lead me to last weeks visit, which i have to say was a phenomenal experience and i couldn’t be happier with my portfolio i have a really good feeling about getting my modelling career on the go! So Wednesday last week was when i had the pleasure of meeting the fantastic team at Esquire Models Studios when i was greeted by a handsome young man name Oliver who sat me down and let me know how my day would unfold,

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he then introduced me to the team that would take care of me.. i can’t remember all of there names but i remember the makeup artist holly who made me feel amazing, whilst fixing my makeup she let me in on a few tricks when i do my own makeup. after being pampered by holly and the make up artist i found that the clothes artist had put a few outfits together for me so put them on and met up with the photographer. I had a few photos taken in the studio and some take around outside, As a whole my day was pretty damn perfect and thats been my reasoning for this review as i could not ask for any more thanks all at Esquire Models for my amazing portfolio

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