about my amazing experience at Six Models and Mac Studios. 

Im writing today to tell you about my amazing experience at Six Models and Mac Studios.
My name is Jason. I am 19 and i have currently visited Six Models and Mac Studios to have a photo shoot. My friend came to Six Models and Mac Studios around 6 months ago when she was wanting to go into the modelling industry and ever since people have loved her portfolio and she has landed a few jobs from it which is great, both me and my friend have always wanted the modelling career so 2 weeks ago i contacted the team at Six Models and Mac Studios and received a phone call just a couple of hours later letting me know who they are and what they do and what i would need to do next. After my phone call i was so excited top get started i had an appointment for my photo shoot a few days later and from there my whole life has changed.. but ill explain that a little bit later. So Tuesday came and i travelled to London for my photo shoot i travelled straight to the photo shoot as i was so excited to get started. Nerves kicked in as soon as i was welcomed in by stephanie. We sat and had a cup of tea and talked for a while until i had calmed my nerves then we got to it and they started styling my hair and fixing me up ready for the photo shoot. I then met the photographer that would be taking my photos and got to know him a little before he started taking pictures. I loved the poses for my photos as they wasn’t over the top and made me look mature. we took a walk round the bit of town surrounding Six models and Mac studios and had a handful of pictures taken outside before i began to rain. apart from the rain cutting there photo shoot short i had the most amazing day of my life and ever since i have felt a lot more confident in myself so i have written this to say a huge thanks for everybody support at Six Models and Mac Studios. i am hoping to apply for some modelling roles and if they are as happy with my portfolio as i am then hopefully i can pull some jobs from it!

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